What do Changing Colors on Apple Card Mean?

When you open the Wallet app on your iPhone, you may notice that the colors on your Apple Card keep changing. You may wonder why your card changes colors. You will probably see a mix of different colors. Sometimes, you may see a lot of white and sometimes red or orange. Sometimes you may notice that your card changes color daily. Does this mean anything? The answer is very simple, and in this article, I will provide more information on the colors of your card and what they mean.

Apple Card colors

Your card is probably colorful. The colors on your card reflect the kinds of purchases you make using your card. The purchases that make up the current outstanding card balance will determine the card’s colors. Your card will shift its color with every transaction you make. We all use our credit cards for travel, dining, groceries, gas, or entertainment. Based on these categories, your card is designed to give a visual guide for you to fully understand where you spend your money. If your card is full of colors, here is what they mean:

  • Red: Health
  • Orange: Food and drink
  • Yellow: Shopping
  • Green: Travel
  • Blue: Transportation
  • Purple: Services
  • Pink: Entertainment
  • White: This indicates no charges. You will see that your card is white if you pay your full balance.

I will try to explain using the screenshot below. As you can see, my Apple Card color is orange. This is because my credit balance is $5.31, and this is from one charge at Casey’s to buy food. Food and drink is represented by an orange color. If I pay this $5.31 balance, and when my balance is zero, my card will be completely white. Then as I use my card again, the color will change.

Apple Card color

The colors change in real-time. If you just made a big travel charge which makes up a big part of the balance, your card will immediately show a lot of green. If your card is mostly yellow, you have frequently used your card for shopping. A lot of users find this color representation helpful for planning and evaluating their spending habits. If you are trying to budget and see a lot of pink colors on your card, you have a lot of entertainment expenses. This may mean that it is time to cut back on entertainment spending. You probably see a mix of these colors if you use your card daily for a variety of items.

Just to be clear, we are talking about the image of the virtual/digital Apple Card in the Wallet app on your iPhone. The physical titanium Apple Card MasterCard, if you have one, is white and will stay white.

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