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  1. Hi,

    I downloaded an app that seems to have installed a bug on my iphone. When i use whatsapp I get a popup asking to go to a strange website. Can anyone help me get rid of it. I deleted the app. Cleared all website history. Changed notification settings. Deleted whatsapp and reinstalled

  2. I have encountered the very same issue and managed to figure it out by heading to General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy.
    This method worked perfectly for me.

  3. Any advice on what to do if WhatsApp has disappeared from IPhone settings – notifications? How do I fix the push notifications now. WhatsApp is still on my phone, when I open it I get the messages but it’s not in the IPhone menue. Weird.

  4. OS and App are updated, airplane mode/WiFi swap/notification settings ins iOS and WhApp didn‘t change anything.
    A reboot was the solution. The good old „have you tried turning it off an on again“ solution. Took a short while for it to work/register but it‘s back to ‚normal‘.
    Thanks for the list!

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