Why Are The Recent Calls on My iPhone Red?

Recently, when I went to look at Recents on my iPhone, I couldn’t find my most recent calls. At the time, I was busy, and so I simply went to my Contacts and made the call from there. Later the same day, same story: I couldn’t find my calls under Recents; I was annoyed but didn’t take the time to investigate. Finally, the next day when I went to look at my recent calls, I noticed that they were all red. It was at that point I looked into the issue and figured out why I was seeing this.

The reason was actually something very simple, and in this article, I will explain why you may experience the same problem. I will also explain a few other things you may see on the Recents page in your Phone app.

Why all of your recent calls are red

If you open your Phone app on your iPhone and tap on the Recents tab at the bottom of your screen, you will see your list of recent calls. Although this is pretty straightforward, there are two other tabs at the top-center of your screen: All and Missed.

all recents calls are red

On your iPhone, all of your missed calls in the Recents list(s) are shown in red. If all of your calls in Recents are red, and you don’t see all of your recent calls in the list, then you are in the Missed tab. To see all of your recent calls, tap on the All tab.

Other things in the Recents list explained

The phone with the arrow image

phone with arrow image

These appear next to outgoing calls. Incoming calls do not have an image to the left of the name/number.

What is the checkmark?

image of checkmark next to call

You may see checkmarks next to mobile underneath a name or number in your Recents list. These only show up for incoming calls. The checkmark means that the number has been verified by the carrier. This indicator, which was introduced in iOS 13, is designed to help customers avoid spoofed numbers.

The info button

If you want to find out more information about a recent call, you can tap on the info button (an i inside a circle) next to the call in your Recents list. The info page for a call looks a lot like a Contacts page. In fact, if the caller is in your contacts, the page will include the other contact information you have for them. From the info page, you can find out:

Info button views in Recents
  • The time the call was made and its duration.
  • The number the call was made from.
    • If you receive a call from something like Potential Spam, you won’t see the number in your Recents list, but it will show after you tap the info button.
    • If the call was from one of your contacts for whom you have multiple numbers, you will see a Recent badge above the number. If you missed the call, however, the number will be shown in red.

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