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  1. Thank You Serhat for all your help, it’s much appreciated! You have helped me with a few Mac problems, Keep up the great work.

  2. Sadly, resetting PRAM temporarily solved the problem. But I think the issue is deeper. after few reboots, its again loading slow. iMac 2019 model upgraded SSD manually. still slow booting issue.

  3. Here’s my problem. It started with my old (2008) iMac shutting down and restarting by itself. Now it takes forever to restart (not reboot). When I push the start button it goes mmmm, then nothing, then mmmm again and then nothing. It does this over and over for about 3 or four minutes and then the screen turns white and the machine chimes…only for a second or so and then turns black. Then mmmm, white screen for a few more seconds and turns black, then mmmm white screen with apple and after a few seconds turns black, then mmmm white screen with apple and status bar and then turns black after about 10 seconds and turns black and then if I am lucky, it goes mmmm and the apple and status bar come up and it eventually boots up. I have reinstalled El Capitan and cleaned up any software that I don’t need. It’s an old machine and it works great one it boots up. What’s wrong?

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