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  1. Mine kept on coming up ‘no results found for __________’. Changed region to Canada and now working. None of the other fixes worked.

  2. Tried all the fixes nothing worked this happened after doing 13.4.1 update don’t do update too many clutches

  3. I change the settings in the region to another are and it worked. I changed it back to my original automatic setting and it still is working hope this helps.

  4. I’m in the same boat. I can see old searches, but can no longer find new ones. I have iphone 11 max pro. None of the tips above worked. I’m now using GIPHY app which works.

    1. Change the region to Canada (or any of the ones listed there) and it should work. You can change it back to U.S after that.

      At least this what did it for me 🙂

  5. Same here. Changing the region to UK works, but as soon as I switch back to US, nothing. And when searching #images with UK region, it brings up different images than would normally show when it all worked before.

  6. I have a new phone (11 pro) and was working until a few days ago and now it won’t load any gif searches😡😡

  7. At least I’m not the only one having the same issue. This all started since the last update and none of these options worked.

  8. Same here except mine says
    No results for “ name of whatever you searched”

    Please fix this Apple!!

  9. I’m having this issue as well. It worked fine until yesterday. I can only access recents. If I try to search it says “no results” no matter what I’m searching for.

  10. #images worked this morning (4/6/20) but stopped working this afternoon. tried all the things that were supposed to help. no luck!

  11. None of these worked. Was working and suddenly just stopped. Apple could at least let us know they are aware of this.

  12. Same for me. Started today. Tried all things. Nothing worked. Apple trying to force new phone on us!!!

  13. Same. None of this worked. My mother’s iPhone is fine but my stopped today for search #images. It was working yesterday

    1. Same. Mine worked this morning. By this afternoon nothing. Tried all of the above and still won’t load. Totally frustrating.

  14. iphone 6. #images only pulls up three “saved” images from December as gifs. I can see search options, but each search tells me there are no available #images, which is not true.

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