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  1. I tried all the above. In the end unpairing and paring again was the solution. Some lost data but well worth it.

  2. Talked with a tech assistant today. She said this is a known issue, and had me backup my phone on iCloud, then restore it from backup. So far, after the restore, the activity app has been syncing perfectly. I hope this was a permanent fix!

  3. Oh I am so grateful, I had tried so many fixes that didn’t work but fixed at number 5 thank you so much.

  4. Mine finally worked, had to unpair watch then pair again and set up Activity in the set-up process.
    Lost all my data but it works now

  5. I have been working out every day since Saturday, closing all my rings each day and somehow none of my activity has been tracked in the app since last week. I have tried checking the settings, restarting both my watch and phone, did updates on both watch and phone and somehow nothing has worked? What is going on? This is so beyond frustrating when I’ve had the best activity week of my Apple Watch career.

      1. I too have tried every single trick on every single article I’ve found. I have had a series 5 watch since Christmas 2019, and have been using iPhone X, all fully updated. I continue to have the problem of using the workout app and the info not transferring to my exercise ring. Today I walked 1.13 miles for 34 minutes, but my ring says only 3 minutes! SO INFURIATING. I should have to jump through so many loops to fix what seems like a simple algorithm fix. The only thing I’ve been able to do is use “outdoor run” or “other” in the workout app, even if I’m only hiking or walking.

  6. Thank you so much for this article! I followed steps 1-5 and my watch and iPhone are now in sync. Not sure what caused the issue but it was extremely frustrating.

  7. My challenge just ended, we were neck and neck. On my watch it said I was winning, but it ended and he won.

    How do I look back at the competition stats?

  8. THANK YOU! Upgraded my phone in September and activity app had not worked since but this solved the issue. Someone finally knows what they are doing.

  9. That worked, but I lost a day and a half of activity. That activity is on the other apps, so I wonder why I have to reset the whole watch, when it appears to by the Activity app that was not working properly.

  10. Workout registered all the details but my rings aren’t closing?? Very frustrating. I did all the steps mentioned above and my rings have not moved!! Please have this issue fixed!!

  11. Didn’t take my watch away on holidays, recharged and started wearing again when came home, noticed activity circle not reading after half day activity, your suggestions to power on and off has watch working normally along with the recorded but previously not displayed measurements. I suppose first try the old fail safe of power on and off applies to watches as well

  12. Kind of frustrating to walk around my office for thirty minutes in North Texas 90 degree weather and not close my excercise ring.
    Seems to happen every damn time there’s an IOS update.

  13. My Limited Edition challenges have all been achieved. I put a lot of effort in completing them yet nothing since April has been registers. What is going on???

  14. I’m closing all my activity rings. But the next day my move ring shows not closed? What is going on?

    1. Yes I’m having trouble with the move ring. I’ve hustled all day long and it just said 0nly 169 calories to go to close Move ring! What the…!

      1. Carolyn, trust me i know your frustration!!! This is the second time I’m having an issue with my watch and app syncing my workout time!!!! I was 20 mins away from closing my Exercise ring to only do a 25 min walk and only get credit for 5mins 😡 I have a goal set for this month which is to close ALL 3 rings each day, so that meant I HAD to hit the pavement again to make it happen….AGAIN 20 mins for 5 mins!!!!! It took me a whole hour to close a 30 min exercise!!! This is so DISAPPOINTED!!! If this is indeed a software update issue Apple needs to get their act together!!!!

  15. OMG this FINALLY worked! I upgraded my phone in January after a constant crash and restart issue and when I did I lost access to the Activity App Data.

    I went to the Apple Store, I used to work at Apple so I called my former co-workers in AppleCare that should know the trouble shooting techniques, shy of unpairing and re-pairing my watch I tried everything and nothing worked.

    This FINALLY got my app back!

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