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  1. Make sure that iMessage is turned on on your iPhone. You can check this by going to Settings > Messages.
    Restart your devices.
    If you see Your Carrier May Charge For SMS Messages Used To Activate iMessage.

    Then what? The post just stops, I do see that and then what to do?

  2. I switched from an iPhone to android and now cannot receive text messages from one particular iPhone user. When I tried to deregister my number on apple’s website, it said it wasn’t registered. So how do I fix my issue?

  3. Hi,

    Whenever I try to send an Imessage from my Mac to another Mac; the message “is not registered with iMessage.” pops up. I have read your page above however have not found this helpful. Currently, I have an android phone and my Mac is updated. Any support will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  4. I have heard for YEARS that Apple’s MAC is easy to use, and I can communicate
    with non-Apple devices with (relative) ease. Now that I own an iMAC with Catalina OS, I must use “work-arounds” to effectively communicate with non-MAC devices & apps. This seems to be true for iMessages as well.

    Heretofore, I have used PC’s for … approx. 40 years. My frustrations escalate with each use of my iMAC. I have three (3) external WD drives for photo storage (primarily). Total capacity is approx. 11.5 TB. Easy access to these drives (Windows 8) from the iMAC seems to be hit-and-miss. However, after consulting with an Apple Support person, there are less instances of hit-and-miss. I need ZERO instances.

    1. Moving to Apple is just that. It is NOT MS Windows. Do not judge from the perspective of Microsoft. You need to forget what you knew and embrace the apple system. If you set up your Apple system in the same way you set up your Microsoft system you are asking for trouble. Help is available from Apple directly and from the Apple community. I spent a very long time with Microsoft – my whole working career. I am so glad I made the change. I will never go back. We have a PC with Windows 10 in the house. I have to use it occasionally. What annoyed me before still annoys me. I am always happy to go back to my Mac desktop.

    2. Absolutely agree. Apple used to be known as the simplest. Now it is absolutely frustrating. I have the next to latest Mac, 27 inch monitor and it’s a paper weight.

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