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  1. Running Big Sur. I held the shift key down on restart but I have no indication that I am in safe mode. Computer worked the same as always. I started having this issue a while back on this computer only. I can sign in with my other apple ID and messages and facetime work fine. Now, I sign in and it looks like I am on then 10 seconds later I get the sign on screen again.

    I will keep searching the web. Thanks.

    1. With Safe Mode it should say Safe Mode(or Boot, I forget) on the upper right hand corner of the log in screen. If you have a firmware password set it probably won’t do a safe boot.

    2. Having this exact issue. Sign into messages, it opens for about 10 seconds and then quits and gives me the login screen again. Also running Big Sur on a MacBookPro. Did you find a solution?

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