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  1. This is a major software bug that apple seems to not want to acknowledge. It’s really odd.
    Many, many, people have this problem since updating to Monterey and the issue can often even be repeated on the laptops inside apple stores.
    Stuttering, the pinch zoom not responding at all, delayed responses, text selecting instead of the zoom responding. Occurs in multiple apps, chrome, photoshop, preview, safari. Happens on M1 computers as well as intel. From the reports I’ve read, the issue seems to happen mostly with 2019 through current models. Oddly, haven’t seen reports from earlier models.
    some example apple discussions:

    There are temporary solutions offered, some work for a bit, but none a permanent fixes as of yet. Would be great to get more attention brought to the issue to encourage apple to fix.

  2. Ever since the macOS Monterey update, the “pinch to zoom” glitch is still a problem for macbook users. Recently, there was a 12.1 software update, and the issue still exists. Just fix this as soon as possible, please!

  3. Well, since the macOS Monitory 12.1 updated, all following solutions are not working.
    For first solution, restart can only solve the problem temporary.
    For second solution, because the pitch zoom in problem is become serious since 12.1 updated, so it not working too.
    For third solution, it only have rare chance to solve problem temporary, for most time it is not working.
    For fourth solution, the pitch to zoom in can disappear in safe mode, but it will back when reboot normally, so not working too.
    For fifth solution, when pitch to zoom in have problem, it is not even happens on one app, it happens on all apps that can zoom on or out, even system apps.
    In conclusion, if the macOS version is still 12.0 or 12.0.1, all listed solution still can working, but if the macOS version is 12.1, these solutions are become useless.

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