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  1. I resolved this by opening system preferences/Accessibility/Keyboard and disable the check box “Enable Full Keyboard Access”
    Sorted 😉

  2. You can also open Activity Monitor and force quit the 2-3 processes that start with “QuickLook…” but as others said, the problem comes back. Is there a way to fix this issue permanently?

  3. Open Activity Monitor, select Quicklook (Finder), quit, force quit. Will now work, but this will have to be repeated every so often.

  4. The problem comes back after a while. It used to work flawlessly. Now I can’t use my folder contents in a lecture with Quick Look. Every iteration of the OS gets worse with the Finder.
    Column width is now spring loaded in the most annoying way.
    Spotlight can’t actually find anything.
    Stickies no longer responds to Find; it finds zero.
    Folder hierarchies always bounce me up to Documents no matter the folder; it seems to remember nothing.
    Mail no longer preserves the threads.
    Desktop folders now are always “waiting” to give me file contents.
    Spotlight and Finder no longer tell you the number of files in a folder.

    And on and on… Apple slowly makes itself mediocre and user hostile. Nothing like monopoly to keep standards low.

  5. I’m grateful for the info / suggestion on how to get Quick Look to function properly. It was showing me only miniature images. I struggled for days before doing an online search to resolve the issue. What a relief to have it working again!
    I appreciate people like you, who offer helpful fixes.
    Thank you!! PD.
    Technical Reference to: “The first fix is to force the Finder to restart….. Press and hold the Option and Control keys together and right-click on the Finder icon in your Dock. Select Relaunch.”

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