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  1. I tried all the steps here and wasted 30 minutes online with Apple support. Nothing works, i just keep getting the “device timed out” message. Extremely frustrating.

  2. Finally found the reason => you need to turn on iCloud keychain on mac and iPad. The sidecar connection is encrypted via keychain. I wish Apple can make this clear! Spent hours on this. 🙁

    1. Thank you so much Eric. I have just wasted 2 hours trying to read everything and figure it out. Then I came across this stream. Your solution worked! Thank you again!

    2. Wow, this was finally the fix. I’ve been through countless sites over the past few weeks and none of them point out this issue. Great find Eric, thank you.

    3. Oh my god! Youre a legend Eric!
      Spent days trying to work this out and of all of the results Ive looked at online your solution worked immediately!

      Your solution should be pushed to the top of search results +1 from me.
      Thank you so much!

    4. Eric I could cry. Your response is clear the gift that keeps on giving!!! You should definitely share this with apple support to update their self-serve articles, because (myself included) it sounds like soooooooo many wasted hours of people trying to figure this out.

      You are a saint and thank you so much.

    5. My dude, you are a LEGEND!

      After sooooo many hours trying to make this work, your comment was GOLD!

      I’m still getting better results using the USB-C cable, but now my mbp m1 pro and my Ipad Pro are talking the same language hahahaha

      Thanks a lot!

    6. yes, you are right, actually I did it before seeing this comment but I want to complement you for giving this answer.

    7. ERIC!!!! Not all heros wear capes!!! F**king hell, been searching for this for an hour now….but THANKYOU! If you’r ever in Somerset in the UK, I’ll get you a beer (or a cider!)

  3. The only fix that worked for me is to connect Macbook and iPad through Bluetooth and then disconnect, forget device on both and try again.
    – Open Bluetooth on both devices
    – Connect from your MacBook to the iPad and confirm the code
    – It will most likely disconnect automatically and then forget device on both devices
    – Retry Sidecar

    1. It worked!!!!
      Thank you much!!!
      Just to complement your solution, here are the versions of my devices:
      MacBook Pro 2019 (Intel) running Big Sur 11.4.
      iPad Pro 2020 (M1) running iPadOS 14.6.

      As a note, I have had several other challenges with Bluetooth in Big Sur.

    2. Yup.. this worked for me too!!! I did all the steps in the article but that didn’t help but this this did. Thanks a ton!!

  4. This doesn’t work at all, wasn’t once Apple known for its great OS and how everything just works? I was able to use iPad as a monitor on my Windows within minutes :/

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