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  1. I was having a problem with SIRI Not recognizing my contacts. I went to settings,….. contacts …….default account …….and “gmail” account was selected for default account instead of the account……”on my iPhone”. Checked “ on my iPhone” account then imported sim contacts and then Siri recognized all of my contacts. Not sure why gmail account was selected for default account instead of “on my iPhone” but when I changed default account to…..”on my iPhone” as previously stated and reloaded sim contacts Siri recognizes all of my contacts now.

  2. my issue is the same, however, if I say “siri show me the contact for xx” it works 100% of the time. then I click on the contact and dial. however, if I say “Siri call xx” about 50% it says can’t find the contact.

  3. My problem with Siri is that it forces me to select from my contacts when I want to set up a meeting. But what if the person I want to meet with is not in my contacts? Then no dice — Siri won’t do it. Is there some setting or workaround for this problem?

  4. I think it’s in the cellular network. I’m on Verizon and turning off cellular data seems to have cleared it up. Not a permanent solution, but I think the issue may lie with the carrier. Typically when I moved to another cell site, the problem clears up.

  5. Turning on the iCloud helped. I did have to go back and turn Siri back on as she became disabled in the process of merging contacts with the could.

  6. I had the same issue but the above sequence didn’t work for me. I had changed my calendar and contacts from a Microsoft exchange server to outlook and my fix involved not just erasing my Network settings on my iPhone but erasing “All Settings” on my iPhone. That was the only solution for me

  7. Siri would recognize some contacts and not others. Tried all the suggestions and she still wouldn’t recognize some of them. Ended up deleting and recreating those contacts and that worked.

  8. Turning off contacts on iPhone XS in cloud and then turning contacts back on solved problem fir me. Siri now again recognizes contacts

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