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  1. Trying to share the problematic videos worked for me. After pressing the share icon and selecting the sharing method, a gray box appears with a circular loading icon and the message “Preparing…” After the video was done “Preparing,” and ready to send, I selected cancel and the videos could then be viewed.

  2. Mine is working if restaring the phone… but for like, 10-15 minutes or so the problem is present again. And I can’’t keep on restarting my phone for the same reason because I have school works to do. Also, I can’t click my flight mode.

  3. You can AirDrop the video or photo to another device, and then AirDrop the video or photo from your other device to your current one. I had the same issue, and this method works. (iPadOS 14.4.2)

  4. i have enough space on my iphone and i also tried to back up and it says that it was successful. but i still have black photos. i don’t know what to do. please help me. (it still says “an error occurred while loading a higher quality version of this photo”)

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