iOS 14: Where is the Up Next Widget? The Favorites Widget?

The Up Next and the Favorites widgets were popular widgets that were available in previous versions of iOS. The Up Next widget would show you the next alarm, calendar event or reminder you had scheduled. The Favorites widget would show you a selection of your favorite contacts.

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These popular widgets are noticeably absent in iOS 14 and some users are pretty upset about it (See: How To Send Feedback To Apple). Although we can’t bring them back for you, we provide a guide here for setting up widgets that will give you back most of the features you miss from the Up Next and the Favorites widgets.

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The Up Next Widget

In iOS 14, we can still create widgets for both the Calendar and the Reminders apps. We can create a widget for Calendar and a widget for Reminders. You can have these two widgets side-by-side if you would like to see both at the same time or you can then stack the two if you would like to save space. Unfortunately, this would not allow you to simply look at the widget to see what is “Up Next” from among all calendar events and reminders, but simply scrolling through the widget stack (a small gesture to perform) to get to the other widget will show you the information.

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The one widget we don’t find in iOS 14 is an Alarm widget. And, although you can access the alarm settings under the Clock app on your iPhone, the only settings available for the Clock widget are the City, or time zone, settings for your Clock widget. Hopefully, there will be more widget options available in the near future. For now, you can follow these steps to create widgets that will give you a quick view of your upcoming events and tasks.

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Create Calendar and Reminders Widgets

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  1. To create a Calendar widget, press and hold in an open space on your home screen, then tap the plus (+) in the upper-left corner of your screen.
add widget
  1. Scroll down until you see Calendar, then select it.
choose calendar
  1. Click Add Widget.
add calendar widget
  1. Your Calendar widget will appear on your Home Screen.
calendar widget on home screen
  1. Now to add the Reminders widget, again press and hold in an open space on your Home Screen and tap the plus (+) sign in the upper-left corner of your screen.
add widget
  1. Scroll down and select Reminders.
select reminders
  1. Choose Add Widget.
add reminders widget
  1. Now you can either:
  • Click Done to leave the widgets separate, or …
click done
  • Drag the Calendar widget on top of the Reminders widget to create a widget stack.
calendar to reminders stack
  • To scroll through the widgets in your stack, just touch the stack and slide your finger up or down to bring another widget to the top of the stack.
swipe through stack

The Favorites Widget

Many users miss the Favorites widget that was previously available for your Today Page. It was a quick way to call those people you called most often. With the Favorites widget, you didn’t have to open your Phone or Contacts app and search or scroll through the list to find the person you were looking for. What we present here is a workaround using Shortcuts. It will allow you to create a Favorites widget for either your Home Screen or your Today Page that contains shortcuts to your favorite contacts.

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Create Shortcuts for your Favorites

  1. Open the shortcuts app: Swipe left-to-right to get to the Today Screen.
today screen
  1. Type Shortcuts in the Search field. Tap the Shortcuts app icon.
shortcuts from search
  1. Tap Shortcuts in the upper-left part of the screen.
  1. Tap the add folder icon in the upper-right part of the screen.
select add folder
  1. Type a name for your folder, like Favorites. Then tap Add in the upper-right corner of your screen.
add favorites folder
  1. Select your newly created Favorites folder.
new favorites folder
  1. Tap the plus (+) in the upper-right corner of the screen.
tap plus
  1. Tap Add Action.
add action
  1. Scroll down to Call and select from one of the suggested contacts listed under Call, or tap the plus [+] to choose a contact.
select call contact
  1. If you chose to add a contact, now tap Contact, then choose the person you would like set up the quick call shortcut for from your contacts list.
tap contact
  1. Tap Next.
call mom
  1. Enter a name for your shortcut, then tap Done.
name your shortcut
  1. You are now back to the screen for your Favorites folder in the Shortcuts app. You can see your new shortcut listed under Favorites.
Mom shortcut is in Favorites
  1. Continue to add more Favorites by repeating steps 7-12. When you are done adding all of your Favorites, then exit the Shortcuts app.
all favorites added

Add Favorites to Home Screen or Today Page

  1. To add your favorites to your Home Screen, press and hold an empty space on your Home Screen, then select the plus (+) in the upper-left corner of your screen.
add widget to home screen
  1. Scroll down until you see Shortcuts and select it.
select shortcuts
  1. Swipe right and left to choose the size for your widget, then tap Add Widget. Don’t worry if your Favorites widgets aren’t showing. We can select them later.
choose widget size
  1. Now you can press and hold your new Favorites widget to move it around on your Home Screen, move it to another screen, or move it to your Today Page. Once you have your widget in place, press and hold on the widget to open its menu.
edit widget
  1. Click on All Shortcuts to change the Folder selection.
click All Shortcuts
  1. Choose your Favorites folder. Then tap anywhere outside of the Shortcuts Folder pop-up window to exit.
choose favorites folder

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Now you have your Favorites on either your Home Screen or Today Page, whichever you chose. When you want to call one of your favorites, just tap their shortcut icon in your Favorites widget. Here are my Favorites on my Today Page.

favorites in today page

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