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  1. Follow up to my previous comment that is awaiting moderation. Moral of the story: call Apple before taking too much time to troubleshoot. It turned out that the choice of AirPlay speakers moved from the Audio/Video menu to the little TV icon on the remote…no notification that this was happening. Still can’t set the default airplay speakers or choose my own flickr screensaver as was easy to do with the 2nd Gen Apple TV. But at least I can hear the sound now.

  2. All of a sudden, my Apple TV HD cannot find the wired speakers connected to my Airport Express. Earlier this week, everything was working, but it’s not working now. Had I known of the idiosyncracies of the Apple TV HD, I would have stayed with my very old Gen 2 Apple TV. It was much simpler to use and more stable. I could use my own Flickr photos as my screensaver, and I could set the wired speakers as the default output source for sound.

  3. i am trying to connect my Samsung smart TVs built-in apple tv to my MacBook pro but when I press the airplay icon it keeps saying looking for apple tv then off and I tried connecting it to the tv directly without the apple tv by Bluetooth but it shows my tv name on the network settings but says not connected and I have done all the right settings on my tv so it can connect by Bluetooth.

  4. A few hours ago someone tried AirPlay from their iPhone to my LG C9 OLED. After that occurrence, I have been unable to use AirPlay from my Macbook Pro. It was working fine minutes previously. Am getting the “unable to connect to LG…” prompt after. LG is visible in the AirPlay mirror symbol, on Mac OS, but no luck. Yes, iPhone still connects. Macbook Pro does not connect.

    1. I have exactly the same problem, same TV. I’m able to airplay from some online video players, like anime, however QuickTime does not cast neither Pro version of Elmedia Player.

      I can mirror cast the MacBook however the videos are extremely choppy that way. No idea what to do …

    2. ME TOO! And it’s been impossible to find a solution online! If anyone manages to get it working again, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

  5. The problem with AirPlay is something in its overly sensitive wifi protocols (or whatever signally it uses if it only uses wifi to establish and then handoff). I’ve been having issues with AirPlay more and more (probably because the airspace gets more wifi in it over the years as neighbors and new gadgets show up.

    I’d start streaming via airplay from youtube and often, at some random point, the airplay connection just drops. Then I have to pick up the phone, unlock it, re-enable the connection (after some long winded delay as the phone spun trying to do that). Of course the youtube feed changes on commercial injection (from your program to the commercial, then back to the program.. each change often glitches the airplay connection as well).

    So thats the general ‘dropped the airplay connection’ issue.

    The AppleTV has the general problem of getting janked up from streaming podcasts. Watching video podcasts – I can typically watch one or two episodes than the ATV stops streaming buffering and just stutters and locks up – requires a reboot of the ATV.

    Additionally from time to time the ATV dissappears (for airplay)… worked but suddenly the phone cannot find the ATV to do airplay. Wifi is still fine. Requires reboot of the phone and/or ATV.. not clear why which device is key to the issue.

    The whole ATV and Airplay stuff worked when it was new, but over time the sustainability of the connection and the playback for streaming has gone downhill. Thumbs down on Apple TV and AirPlay.

    The solution is: stop using ATV, and switch to something else because in the past 2+ years it has gotten worse, not better.

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