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  1. I’ve just had to pay close 800 pounds to get my Macbook Pro’s motherboard replaced. After ‘upgrading’ to Big Sur my machine had the issues above. It then died. It would not respond when I pressed the power button. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Apple Support who then advised the repair.

    1. If you have an older Macbook you can try to disconnect the I/O on the right manually by plug out all cables. And then Try rebooting. For me it works perfectly then you can update old downgrade and plug back in all cables.

    2. My macbook air 2017 had a fried motherboard as well at only a year and a half old. I’ve just made the mistake of upgrading this new computer to Big Sur. It’s now overheating and the battery drains like crazy when I play games on it, which it did NOT do before the update. Insanity.

  2. There is no button “battery health” in Battery part!!!!
    I tried all other suggestions but still the battery drains… I am thinking of returning back to the previous OS!!!

  3. The last step that solves the Problem of the secd task draining the battery is to uncheck keychain in iCloud Preferences, sign out of the cloud, reset the smc and sign in to iCloud again.

    1. I just follow the steps you mentioned only, and still my MacBook’s battery drain very quickly. Do i need to do extra steps to solve the battery drain issue?

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