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  1. I cannot remember passwords and some apps want me to type the password how on earth do I change every one of my passwords to something I can remember? Why when I changed my Apple ID on my iPad then used the link for my iPhone but later that day iPhone refuses to accept the new password for Apple ID. My iPad is working fine with it. I am not tech minded I am older how can I get help?

  2. The link added above for “has my data been leaked” comes up with nothing, maybe Apple likes to mark files accessed by employees as “leaked” just in case, and doesn’t discuss it for appearances’ sake?

  3. I have been a long time loyal Apple consumer like all of you as Apple has claims of tight security and great support!
    Well we know now, Apple has gotten sloppy,lazy and slack on all fronts and tech support or support pages to find help is a joke and I find many of the higher rated spokesperson are rude to fellow Apple consumers trying to get answers to the issues they have ! Apple now is costly bloated technology that many of use did not mind spending the extra $$ cause Apple had our backs !!
    This Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Apple iPad Air 3 gen are the end of my Apple purchases.

    1. I’m in total agreement with you! We never had malware problems or data breaches in the past.. not to mention charging monthly for Word and other basic apps.. the wheel was not reinvented. Our loyalty won’t last long with treatment like this.
      Steve Jobs has got to be rolling in his grave

      1. The word processor “Word” is made by Microsoft not Apple. Apple’s version of it is called “Pages.”

  4. I’m changing my passwords regularly and it still shows within a week or two that my new passwords are in a data leak. Does this mean my phone is hacked? I dont see how else my new passwords are known, no duplicates used

    1. Same thing happened to me. The next day my iPhone seems to think if I log in to things on my iPad that everything is data leaked.

  5. Even the instagram 2-identifications code generator on my other phone was leaked by this phone. I’m thinking that apple got leaked because my passwords are different for some. Was thinking of switching phones anyways and now more than ever because iphones are no longer safe as previously implied.

  6. Well, if you see a single notification about password in data leak – someone hacked your password for that particular website.
    If you see a few – you probably used same password for few of your websites.

    But if you see *ALL* you passwords in the data leak – it means the key manager itself was hacked. Thanks, Apple!

    1. If I just “delete password” on the list of problem passwords on my iPhone, what does that do? Does it solve any security issues? There are numerous data breaches and easily-guessed passwords in the list for websites I rarely visit so I don’t need a new password. I’m just not sure what hitting “Delete Password” on my phone is actually doing!

    2. Why in the United Kingdom whenever an issue like this is raised there’s zero links nothing from apple. Supposedly most secure by looks of it because they don’t admit breaches in security!

    1. I have received the same message. Makes you wonder just who had the security breach. Apple? To answe your question, according to the above, yes we have to change each and every password ‘immediately’. There does not appear to be an easy way to do this. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. I also have 100s of passwords that have been breached.
        I came here hoping for a work-around but I guess I’ll have devote many hours updating each password one-by-one.

      2. If you use a password manager like LastPass, there are some websites that allow LastPass to update passwords automatically with a strong randomized password. Those programs also include a good password generator that you can specify the length and complexity.

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