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  1. If battery charges fast and system randomly turns off, your battery is highly probably bad. Li-ion batteries age by having less capacity and smaller capacity battery obviously gets to “100%” faster. However, with smaller capacity, the battery also discharges to lower percentages faster when you actually use it.

    In addition, bad battery cells may suddenly lose power. This typically manifests itself by battery percentage going e.g. from 45% to 20% very rapidly or the device shutting down without a warning. I once had Li-ion battery that seemed to work normally between 60% and 100% but once it got below 50%, the whole device randomly rebooted. Replacing the battery fixed the problem.

    Of course, replacing the battery of iPad is hard to do by yourself and surprisingly expensive via Apple.

  2. Hi, my iPad Pro has recently experienced problems with the battery. It shows 100% charge and after using fir short time ( approximately 20 minutes) it’s just switches off completely. I’ve noticed that it used to take hours to charge but recently it’s showing a full charge really quickly.

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