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  1. Hey everyone — i found the solution to it after trying every single solution mentioned (resetting NVRAM, deleting cache files, deleting PLIST files, etc).

    I was getting the “an unknown error has occurred” when putting in my iMessage/iCloud user and pw.

    I spoke to someone at Apple and they suggested creating a NEW user on your computer after i told them that nothing else that i read online or that was suggested was working.

    So, for example let’s say my username that didn’t work was DavidBeckham, i created a new one called Beckham).

    I signed out of DavidBeckham and created a new user on the computer under a different name (i.e. Beckham).

    I logged into iMessage and it worked. I then logged out of Beckham and went back to the account where it was NOT working (davidbeckham) and and went to iMessage, logged in and it now works.

    Hope that helps! Was frustrating for me so i figured i’d post what worked for me so everyone else didnt have to suffer!

  2. Thank you I have looked all over for a fix for solving the “unknown error has occurred” when trying to log back into iMessage.

    Resetting the PRAM absolutely worked

  3. Resetting the NVRAM cured my issue, not much longer I have bought an M1 Macbook Air – many thanks

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